Automotive Data Analytics

Empirics can give you full understanding and oversight of all aspects of the customer life cycle by integrating all your customer data and touch points, to best manage the purchase, post purchase and repeat purchase phases.

MarketSuite automotive data analytics will give you the true single view and analysis of how every customer is engaging across your network, enabling you to provide a meaningful and timely engagement with your brand, product and services. Drive performance across the dealership and franchise network by:

  • Tracking, visualising, measuring and integrating all customer information including test drives, dealership communications, sales transactions and finance, servicing and marketing campaign data
  • Gaining the best insights around preferred method of communication, to establish a contact plan for each customer, including vehicle category, salary range, interests or location
  • Gain a true understanding of regional dynamics from customers, dealerships and franchises, with geographical segmentation and visualisation of engagement, transactional history, servicing and repeat purchases
  • Automating and tailoring relevant and consistent experiences for every customer, at every touch point

Retain your customers for their next vehicle purchase by creating a meaningful and tailored relationship over the long term. The Empirics MarketSuite solution can give you deep insight and analytics into your customers’ interests, engagement and behaviours as the needs of individuals and families change and grow over time.

Once deployed, our Analytics team will work with you every step of the way, helping you optimise the solution to achieve the business outcomes you’re after.

Why Choose Us

      • Leaders in data integration
      • Predictive analytics and modelling
      • Integrate all customer and franchise data
      • Simple, fast and easy to implement
      • Solutions tailored to the automotive industry


Single view of all Customer behaviour

We can integrate all your customer datasets including dealership and franchise information and sales, post purchase activity and repeat sales from any available source into a single-view with MarketSuite.  >> Learn More

What Will Be The Next Purchase?

We can help you understand and predict customer purchasing behaviours and what products to target them with next, to keep them, grow them and find others like them. >> Learn More

Track Communication and ROI

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