Empirics partners with IXUP to launch secure data collaboration platform for super industry

Data collaboration platform will deliver member insights and analytics giving super funds deeper understanding of member behaviours

Sydney, 31 August 2016: Leading data specialist Empirics today launched MarketSuite Alliance, a platform which enables super funds and their business partners to collaborate with their data in a highly secure and encrypted environment, to help improve member retention and satisfaction.

Empirics, part of Link Group’s Information, Digital and Data Solutions division, provides data visualisation, analytics and communications services to 26 major super funds in Australia. The Marketsuite Alliance platform has been developed as part of an exclusive partnership agreement between Empirics and leading technology software provider, IXUP.

MarketSuite Alliance allows super funds to collaborate and match customer data in a secure environment with partner organisations. The platform’s technology compares the super funds’ existing data with external data while it is in an encrypted state, and then produces de-identified insights that both companies can see, without compromising the security or privacy of the data.

Super funds and their partners will effectively have joint visibility of customer demographics, via an easy-to-use portal, enabling more informed decision making on potential lead generation opportunities. The data can also be extracted into other platforms, such as marketing automation platforms.

Empirics Chief Executive Officer Darrell Ludowyke said: “The new platform was developed in response to the increasing demand from super funds to more effectively gather and use external data to better understand and retain their members and assist in finding new prospects.

“MarketSuite Alliance gives super funds an unprecedented level of insight into both their member base, and the customer base of their business partners.

“As an example, a gym that targets females aged over 50 may want to partner with a super fund to offer discounted rates. The gym and the super fund can securely collaborate on their data to see if enough fund members match this demographic and assess whether this will be an effective business partnership,” Mr Ludowyke said.

IXUP’s multi-layer encryption technology means both parties can gain these insights while protecting the privacy of their members at all times.

“The ability of MarketSuite Alliance to analyse data securely from multiple parties is unique, and is the future of secure data collaboration. We are excited to be working with Link and Empirics to bring this technology to super funds across Australia,” added Dean Joscelyne, Founder at IXUP.

MarketSuite Alliance is part of Empirics’ MarketSuite platform, which also offers access to data integration and analytics, predictive analytics and data visualisation designed to target, understand and predict member behaviour.