Marketing Automation

Empirics provide data-driven personalised marketing platforms that harness everything you know about your customer to deliver a fully individualised and consistent customer experience across any channel including mail, web, email, mobile and social media. Using MarketSuite analytics to coordinate and drive all your touchpoints ensures the utmost in relevance for every individual.

Superannuation Industry Solutions

As the leading provider of business intelligence solutions for the superannuation industry, we can give you a complete single view of member and employer behaviour, trends and rollout watch-lists. >> Learn more

Retail Industry Solutions

We can help you view and understand your customers to a segment of one, understanding their purchasing behaviours and what products to target them with next, to keep them, grow them and find others like them. >> Learn more

Automotive Industry Solutions

Comprehensively integrate and measure all customer, franchise and dealership data to gain true insight and understanding of every customer sale, post purchase behaviours and regional trends across your franchise network. >> Learn more