Empirics Retail – Data Analytics and Insights

Whether you’ve got 1 store or 1,000, shopfronts or webfronts, our retail data analytics will help you manage and measure each and every customer; keeping them, growing them and finding others like them. Empirics can link to your POS systems, loyalty programs, email campaigns, website activity, product information and more to provide an intelligent single customer view, and puts the following at your fingertips:

  • Retail data analytics for segmentation of customers by value, potential and engagement
  • Predictive and propensity modelling for customer purchase pathways and targeting
  • Establish and track key KPIs at a store by store level, e.g. customer frequency, value growth, and cross category purchase habits
  • Full basket analysis
  • Measure catalogue effectiveness, event effectiveness and campaign effectiveness
  • Automate your communication to provide a fully tailored, relevant and consistent experience for every customer, at every touch point

Once deployed, our Analytics team will work with you every step of the way, helping you optimise the solution to achieve the business outcomes you’re after.

Why Choose Us

      • Leaders in data analytics and integration
      • Predictive analytics and modelling
      • Integrate all customer touch points and data
      • Simple, fast and easy to implement
      • Solutions tailored to the retail industry


Integrated Customer Data

We can integrate all your customer datasets including POS transactions, products, call centre, email or website information from any available source into a single-view with MarketSuite.  >> Learn More

Predict Purchase Behaviour

We can help you understand and predict customer purchase behaviours and what products to target them with next, to keep them, grow them and find others like them.  >> Learn More

End to End Support

Empirics gives you total control of your data with a structured implementation process and dedicated support from our experienced team of data specialists.  >> Learn More