Empirics Super – Data Analytics and Insights for your Fund

Super is our specialty. We’ve deployed our solution at some of Australia’s largest super funds, covering millions of members and billions of transactions. Whether you use an administrator or you’re self-administered, the solution will integrate all your available data sources (and we mean all!) plus any 3rd party information to give you a complete single view of your member and employer behaviour and campaign performance.

We’ve developed over 400 specialty analytics items into our superannuation data model geared directly to the super industry, and all tuned to your fund. Here’s just a few:

  • Propensity to Defect – using predictive analytics, know who’s likely to roll out of your fund if you don’t act soon
  • Pension Prospects – who you should talk to about pension conversion right now
  • Stronger Super – understand your exposure under Auto-consolidation, My Super and how you can save members from the Lost Member Reporting file
  • SMSF trends – our tool identifies SMSFs, Retail, Industry funds and more and shows you the trends over the past years, and what type of members go where
  • Rollout watchlists – see where most of your members are coming from and going to

Once deployed, our specialised Superannuation Analytics team will work with you every step of the way, helping you drive the solution to achieve the business outcomes you’re after.

Why Choose Us

      • Leaders in data analytics for the superannuation industry
      • Predictive analytics and modelling
      • Integrate all member and employer data
      • Simple, fast and easy to implement
      • Solutions tailored to the superannuation industry


Integrated Member and Employer Data

We can integrate all your member and employer data, transactions, call centre, email and seminar information from any available source into a single-view.  >> Learn More[/fusion_text]

Data Science

Our team will identify members who are at risk of defection or ready for pension conversion for you to target accordingly.  >> Learn More

End to End Support

Empirics gives you total control of your data with a structured implementation process and dedicated support from our experienced team of data specialists.  >> Learn More