End to End Support

Empirics gives you total knowledge of your data to unlock key insights and improve business outcomes, with a structured implementation process and dedicated support from our experienced team of data specialists. No matter how big or small your data sources, or what shape they’re in, we’ll give you a cleansed and fully integrated single view of all your available data, including bespoke intelligence for your company and your industry – with the right tools to get the most value out of your data!


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As part of the implementation process, we undertake a series of comprehensive and structured data workshops and discovery sessions with your key stakeholders to then build your integrated single customer view data model to the right specifications and match it with the right tools to drive your business strategy.

The solution is suitable for medium to very large businesses and can be hosted either on our infrastructure or in the cloud. One of the key benefits of the solution is that you don’t need to change any of your existing systems, infrastructure or processes – we’ll simply ingest data from your existing systems on a scheduled basis via connectors or as extracts, giving you an integrated single view with the ultimate in intelligence and capability.

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Insights and Analysis

No matter how big or small your data sources, or what shape they’re in, we’ll give you a cleansed and fully integrated single view, including bespoke intelligence for your company and your industry. You can have your information updated every week, every night or near real time – it’s your choice.

Using experience developed over 30 years in the data business, the Empirics Data Science team can also create predictive and derived analytics, to pre-empt behaviours and pathways and make your data easy to view and use – like Customer Engagement Scores, Defection Predictors, Next Best Actions and more. Our solution can be tailored across multiple industry sectors for instant access to untapped market opportunities and competitive advantage.

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Take control of your data! You can interact with your data via a range of easy-to-use analysis, reporting and dashboard tools, all available on your desktop and geared to giving your business real insights, in the way you want to view them.

Track true campaign or event ROI, perform ‘train of thought’ analysis with your data, create rapid hypothesis conformation and build robust data-driven business cases for large-scale projects. Establish segments of one, provide a fully tailored, relevant and consistent experience for every customer, at every touch point – creating a more meaningful engagement with your brand, products and services.

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Superior Analytics Support

Dedicated Data Analytics Consultants and Account Managers provide support for the life of the solution. You’ll receive proactive analysis and practical recommendations for action helping you drive the solution to achieve the business outcomes you’re after.