Data Intelligence

Empirics provide advanced Data Science and Analytics services and solutions for a wide range of Industry sectors to drive customer growth, retention, and engagement strategies. With our heritage in financial services, our Data Science and Analytics teams are specialists in a wide range of Machine Learning and AI data modelling techniques, modelling languages, predictive analytics, data visualisation and sector specific problem solving. Examples of our projects and capabilities include:

AI and Machine Learning

  • Project Consultancy & POCs
  • Predictive Modelling (e.g. propensity to defect, likelihood to invest/purchase a product or service)
  • Customer Projected Value
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Investment Switching Analysis and Forecasting
  • Next Best Interaction modelling

Insights and Analytics

  • Project Consultancy & POCs
  • Financial Advice or Marketing Campaign Attribution
  • Financial Services Reporting, Analysis and Insights
  • True NPS  
  • Customer Engagement Index
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Time Series Forecasting & Data Anomaly Detection