Data Platforms

Empirics leverage our Gold Microsoft Partnership and Azure cloud technologies to build integrated Data Platforms that connect all your data assets into a secure, living data ecosystem - built to your individual requirements. 
A Data Platform drives your strategic and business objectives, delivering the hosted environment to:

  • Ingest multiple data sources and data feeds from inside and outside your business
  • Stage and transform the data into a single customer view data model
  • Provision your integrated and optimised data for analytics and insights
  • Dynamically connect your data and insights to multiple applications 

Create your desired data ecosystem

Data Platforms are built and configured to your individual requirements. We provide a wide range of custom solutions that unify your data sources and put you in control of your data in the way you want it.

Sector-Specific Integrated Data Models

Empirics have over 15 years’ experience in building large scale, fit-for purpose integrated data models that give you the single view you've always dreamed about. An Integrated Data Model (IDM)is an optimised data structure for Operations, Analytics, Reporting, Marketing and Executive Strategy functions that contains all the data from across your business (e.g. customer data, call centre, web, CRM and campaign data, plus third-party data) in an integrated format that is simple to use, easy to navigate and understand and in a language that is identifiable within your business.

Importantly, an IDM is also designed to feed triggers, alerts and insights back to your customer facing applications and marketing platforms to drive your strategic communications and business outcomes. We provide the ability to securely connect systems, analytics platforms and externally hosted applications with Connectors and APIs working seamlessly with your Data Platform.

  • Consolidate multiple disparate accounts and transactions across systems for analysis, and whole of business automated reporting
  • Create clean customer profiles and segmentation as source data to power marketing and communications execution platforms and return results to your IDM for measurement
  • Unify data definitions across your fund for governance and master data management purposes

Client Innovation Area

Flexible data access is a key requirement for an independent and evolving data strategy. With that in mind, Empirics have developed the Client Innovation Area (CIA). The CIA environment gives key users the ability to access a secure productionised data environment and load and connect your own or third-party data sources.

Your technical users work in the CIA to independently explore, run hypotheses or build dashboards and visualisations with your tools of choice (e.g. SQL, R-Studio, Tableau, Power BI). Data experts can build and train your own models with access to multiple languages like R or Python. It's your own R&D laboratory. Users can utilise their preferred tools and languages for analysis and have the ability to upload ad-hoc data sets for research. Or get the Empirics Data Intelligence team to do it all for you!