Empirics provide Data Science and Analytics solutions for a wide range of Industry sectors. With our heritage in financial services, our Data Science and Analytics teams are specialists in a wide range of data modelling techniques, predictive analytics, data visualisation and sector specific problem solving. We provide our services using our structured consultancy framework to ensure we are focused on your business requirements and delivering against your strategic objectives.

Financial Services & Superannuation

With over 15 years experience in the Financial Services and Superannuation sectors in both Australia and Europe, Empirics is at the forefront of developing industry specific solutions to maximise the value of data. We specialise in the provision of analytics and data science services for Pension and Super funds, Banking and Credit Management and Investor Analytics.


Empirics have automated the reporting for dozens of super funds, together with the automation of AGM Services and Investment Reporting to listed companies and fund managers - delivering huge productivity gains for our clients. Bringing data together from all sources and delivering insight into the hands of stakeholders faster, we automate highly manual reporting processes with no manual intervention required once implemented.

Industry, Member &
Employer Analytics

Empirics can supercharge your fund's understanding of member and employer behaviours as well as keeping abreast of trends across the wider super industry. We'll turn all your data sources into a powerhouse of intelligence for all trustee stakeholders.


We work with Fund Managers and Listed and Unlisted companies to integrate investor data and third party data sources to analyse investor behaviours, generate true ROI on investor engagement activities and provide broker and holder insights.

Data Science &

Our Data Science and Consulting teams specialise in a wide range of modelling techniques using best of breed tools and techniques. We provide our Financial Services and Superannuation clients with a wide variety of insights that focus on customer outcomes, including data clustering and segmentation, and predictive analytics focused on customer defection, engagement and cross-sell. In addition we provide customer journey mapping and the ability to pinpoint a customer’s next best action or conversation.

Campaign ROI &
Attribution Modelling

Through the integration of multiple siloed data sources, we generate true ROI on marketing and customer engagement activities – such as the value of financial advice and whether individuals follow through with the advice provided. Using data matching techniques, we generate attribution models that verify the value of individual activities and return on investment from suppliers and third party providers.

Professional Sport

Empirics are at the forefront of Professional Sport analytics. The explosion of athlete physical data, match performance data, recruitment data, customer/supporter data and more means sporting clubs need fully integrated solutions that bring everything together and provide the right intelligence exactly when and where it's needed. Empirics partners with some of Australia's most elite professional sporting clubs to give them the crucial competitive edge.

Data Integration &

The sheer quantity and diversity of data in the field of professional sport means that you need a truly sophisticated solution that unites it all and displays insight in a way that satisfies multiple stakeholders, with a wide variety of needs. Capture, Integration, Analysis and Connectivity thrown in with your current processes and organisational language create a truly tailored solution for our clients. We've moved way past the days of an AMS! Talk to us about the right solution for you to deliver the edge you've been looking for.


We empower our clients to create, display and communicate their data in whatever way they want, meaning there are no more lengthy delays between developing a new report/dashboard and it being available. Get rid of those spreadsheets and automate your reporting with your preferred technology. Empirics' deep experience in Reporting automation means we know how to construct a ‘set and forget’ solution that frees up your analysts to work on what matters - improving performance!


Turn finding new talent into the perfect blend of science and intuition. Empirics' Recruitment Analytics module takes care of all the science, combining data sources to produce rapid and meaningful talent analysis. But it also incorporates intuition, allowing scouts and others to supply automatically organised notes and commentary which integrate seamlessly into the solution - identifying and classifying the perfect talent mix for your club.

High Performance
Player Analysis

Give your High Performance analysts all the data they need, in the way they want it, to get their job done quickly and efficiently. We've harnessed the speed, tools and scalability of cloud technology to create a highly flexible solution which integrates every data source and provides the tools your analysts want and need. Coaches and medical staff also get dashboards, input screens and real time insight, from player wellness and training inputs on any mobile device through to sophisticated data science tools, it's a single, seamless solution - that's why it's used by some of Australia's premier AFL clubs to provide the ultimate in high performance.

Travel & Wellbeing

If your people are your greatest asset, then Empirics is your greatest partner. From tailored apps that measurably drive staff engagement and improve wellbeing, through to advanced real-time travel management that will reduce costs and deliver insights to your desktop. Empirics Health, Wellbeing and Mobility Solutions are all you'll need for a productive, optimised workforce.

Staff Mobility &
Travel Analytics

Empirics takes Travel & Expense management to the next level. Not only does our real-time TravelSuite solution integrate seamlessly with major GDS systems as well as Corporate Amex cards, but we can also integrate your own back office and expense systems or third party platforms for a complete view of every trip and a true single view across your business, delivering up to the minute insights and maximum cost savings. Bolt on our Travel Wellbeing & Quality app for the ultimate in Travel care and management.

Travel Wellbeing &
Quality Analytics

Understand the true impacts of travel on your team's health and wellbeing. Get live quality ratings and even photos at all key stages of their travel experience, ensure travellers have a direct 24/7 communication link to their travel department - all via a simple and engaging mobile app that works stand-alone or integrates seamlessly into our TravelSuite Analytics platform. Talk to us about how you can truly manage and measure the human impacts of travel for your business.

Corporate Engagement &

The wellbeing of staff is now a full time priority for all businesses. HealthChase, our partners in engagement and wellbeing, service some of Australia's largest diversified workplaces, like Australia Post and BP. Through the use of highly engaging gamification techniques, wellbeing becomes a sustainable lived experience for your staff. And the seamless integration with Empirics platforms gives you a complete view for state-of-the art Workforce Care - that's why it's the solution of choice for some of Australia's premier AFL clubs to manage and monitor the health and wellbeing of their elite athletes, resulting in optimised performance.

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